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Music Therapists

Music Therapists

Music therapy is the use of music activities to improve physical, mental, and social wellbeing. The Thai Red Cross Rehabilitation Center employs a wide range of music therapy, especially Akaboshi’s method of music therapy, which focuses on stimulation of the nervous system, rhythmic activities, body movement and breathing. The therapy also includes neurologic music therapy to help increase the effectiveness of the main treatments from various therapeutic agencies as follows:

  1. Music therapy in conjunction with child rehabilitation work: use music to stimulate the development of children with cerebral palsy, developmental delays and or child psychiatry by practicing the movement of the body to the rhythm of the music, listening to different types of music to practice meditation and discipline in everyday life and to be able to help oneself and live with others in society.
  2. Music therapy coordinated with speech therapy: provide music to stimulate the muscles of various organs used for speech in patients with slurred speech to stimulate the breathing muscles in patients with respiratory muscle weakness and to stimulate the brain in patients with language impairment or loss of communication from cerebral palsy through various music therapy approaches.

In addition, music is used as a recreational activity for patients. A group music therapy session is organized for patients of all age groups every thursday afternoon for the participating patients to meet and talk, and practice body movements, speaking, and breathing through music together. It is a group activity that offers entertainment and relieves stress associated with the illness and provides encouragement.

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