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Speech Therapy

Speech Therapy

Speech-language Therapist provides diagnostic services for language and speech disorders for patients with aphasia caused by strokes or those with abnormal phonation or slurred speech. The services provided including patient screening services, diagnosis, and speech and language assessment in order to assess a variety of conditions, treat, and rehabilitate speech and language comprehension disorders due to impairments in the functioning of the organs relating to speech or hearing, 

for example:

  • Patients with language disorder or loss of communication abilities (aphasia)
  • Patients with slurred speech due to neurological causes (dysarthria) or slurred speech due to apraxia of speech.

Patients will be assessed with a variety of diagnostic tests and will be then enrolled in a treatment program based on the diagnosis results. Speech-language therapists will select or apply aids, accessories, or tools as a substitution for speech and communication to suit the patient’s condition, follow up on treatment results, as well as referring patients for other assistance as appropriate.

Speech-language therapists will adapt the therapy to the individual characteristics of each patient by correcting deficiencies in speech processes and language systems; the functioning of the oral organs, throat, and early esophagus; and adjustment of behavior, learning, emotions, and coexistence in society. The therapists will also advise parents, relatives, carers, or related persons to understand the patient’s disorder and to learn the correct treatment methods by taking into account various factors holistically including physical, mental, social and spirit for the best efficacy and treatment results.

After the therapy, patient evaluation and follow-up will be continued. In addition, patients and their relatives will be advised to practice the speech therapy methods at home. Speech therapy is also coordinated with music therapy and recreation in order to use music to help treat patients with slurred speech and those with language impairment or loss of communication from stroke or cerebral palsy as well as creating enjoyable atmosphere and relieving anxiety from such illness.

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