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Social Worker

Social Worker

Social Workers provide care of patients and relatives according to their economic, social, and psychological problems, counseling on benefits and welfare, giving advice and necessary disability aids, coordinating and organizing a multidisciplinary team of professionals to visit patients’ homes to recommend home modification according to the patient’s ability for boosting the patient’s morale, creating a job, as well as being able to live in society according to their abilities.


  1. Consultation on various types of welfare rights and benefits that should be received from such rights, such as
    • reimbursement of medical expenses according to the rights of government or state enterprise officials, social security rights, Universal Coverage Scheme.
    • Consultation on changing the rights to medical treatment after having a disability, welfare scheme for health insurance, social security rights in case of disability, rights under the Empowerment of Persons with Disabilities Act, B.E. 2550, registration of persons with disabilities, and the disability allowance.
  2. Consultation on expense management, manpower and methods to provide long-term care for patients.
  3. Provide advice on the provision of the necessary disability aids according to the primary rights to medical treatment and other rights such as equipment requisition resulting from traffic accidents from the fund of the Department of Land Transport, or the purchase of other equipment required for patient care.
  4. Provide advice on income and career guidelines, recommend learning and career training resources, provide information regarding occupational loans, employment of persons with disabilities according to the labor law section 33 and 34, and disability aids that can be procured.
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